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June 16, 2018
BironTale Chapter 12: Undyne Returns
July 4, 2018

I have walked for a long time. That put me at the brink of exhaustion. The amount of blood spewing off my forehead did little to calm me down.

At times I wondered, was it really a wise thing to do? Running away – from a group of dogs – just because I was of the ‘rival race’?

I could not come to terms with everything that transpired back in the shrine. Better yet, my being alive still was kind of creepy. I learned a thing or two from Karate, but did not expect practice to be implemented in such a way; successfully, too!

After the long jog, I came across two edges, joined together by a wooden bridge. The bridge I duly crossed; the beauty of the forests below I ignored, for I was still in a reasonable amount of pain.

Sans showed up outside a guard post.

“Hey, kiddo,” he said. “I found my bro. He wants you,” he points his finger to his left,
“over there.”

Papyrus was standing still, my eyes struggling to focus on him, for the fog got a lot thicker than it used to be. Perhaps it was to be a day clouded by darkness. Then again, the sun did not shine at Snowdin, not as long as I could remember from the past 24 hours I have been there.

“Human,” the lanky skeleton said, “how nice of you to join me.”

I could make out he was grinning.

He carried on. “You and I, we share a thing or two in common. One of them is that, we are both great players of the traditional form of games. We are the dominator of classics! Besides that, we are all great people, like I am the Great Papyrus!”

“However, this…” He paused awhile.

“Carry on…,” I said. “Like I give a…”

The fog cleared, allowing me to observe Papyrus dressed in his finest clothes and bright red cape. “This has to end right here, right now!”


Oh, boy.

Papyrus summoned some bones from the ground. The bones were avoided, but the atrocious weather left me with a disability: I could not see very well. Added to that was my recurring forehead injury which left me all but hobbling ever since I escaped the shrine.

By accident, I smacked my head against a bone. My feet trembled to the ground, and then my body betrayed me. There was not a thing I could do, for I went blank; my eyes shut.

“Go get him, bruh,” Sans said.

Papyrus covered me for the pinfall. Sans counted 1, 2 and 3. Papyrus celebrated.

“NYEH-HEH-HEH!” Papyrus exclaimed in joy. “I have beaten the human, brother! I am indeed the Great Papyrus! Now, it is time for the Royal Guard to_”

Sans butted in. “Blood loss.”

The fiery tall skeleton’s celebration was cut short. “Oh, my…”

The skeleton brothers were stumped to see their human associate lying with blood pouring off the forehead in a violent manner.

“He is…dead…” Papyrus muttered in shock. “Oh, nooo…I…I did not mean to kill him!” The lanky skeleton burst to tears. “No…this is an outrage…this is not what the Great Papyrus had in mind…”

Sans glanced at Papyrus, before proceeding to check on me. “Let me see…”

Sans put his index and middle finger on my neck. He nodded. “Alive…”

Papyrus was relieved. “How fortunate. But…how? What happened to him? How did he become like this?”

“Bro, I do not know, and now I do not c_”

Sans’ eyes lit up a strong blue. “Get down!” he ordered his brother.

A couple of Drakes made their way to the scene. They flaunted their leather jackets and jet black sunglasses, also the occasional fake hair. As they walked along the streets of Snowdin, all could do nothing but look in awe. They were either intrigued, or terrified. No one dared to interfere with the Drakes, especially not with rumors about their violent, cruel leader who would cut off the limbs of wrongdoers. Their motto ‘execute at all costs’ was a grim reminder of their seriousness and dedication; also why they saw their self as a direct replacement for the Royal Guard, whom they have seen as being ‘obsolete’.

The Drakes did not find anything particularly interesting.

“Nothing here,” one of them said to the other. “Just some snow.”

“Man, forget that!” the other replied. “All you know about is snow, snow, and more snow. Ain’t a thing worth fitting into your tiny, winey brain, eh, Matt?”

“Aw, c’mon, Snow…”

The former stopped when he saw red patches of blood on the snow-covered ground.

“Over there,” he said.

The two flicked their fingers on the thin layer of blood. The former proceeded by licking it.

“Human blood,” he muttered with a grin.

The Drakes followed the dark red traces like a sly fox ready to pounce on their prey, till they saw a body lying motionless, alongside the shaking Papyus.

“IT WASN’T ME!!!” Papyrus screamed in unreasonable fear. “It wasn’t…”

“Skully boy,” a Drake said while pointing his finger, “shut your mouth, and you will be out of trouble this time!”

“O-o-okay…” Papyrus nodded.

“Good. Let’s see what we have …”

Before the two were able to lift my body, they were hit with a big surprise.

Out of the blue, Sans reappeared, using some sort of force field to push the thugs about a mile away.

“Quick, hold my hand!” Sans informed to me and Papyrus.

Without much hesitation, we both grabbed hold of Sans’ meatless arms. Sans proceeded by running towards a black hole from which he came from earlier.

“Wait. What…?” I recalled saying the same time I slowly regained consciousness.

Sans’s ‘time warp’ black hole did not just save our lives, but it also brought us all back in the Skeleton residency.

I was unaware of what happened inside the hole; all I knew was that I fell asleep. Again.

Sans sighed. “That was close.”

“Brother,” Papyrus said, “I do not mean to be rude, but our human friend, he…”

“Get him patched up. He’s gonna need it.”

Papyrus sighed. “All right, Sans. I will get the bandages.”

I woke up and felt some loose cloth on my head. It felt better already; no more severe migraine.

Somehow, after all that occurred before my eyes, I was still alive.

Never thought I would even survive, but I did. Thank you, God.

It could have been worse. Thanks to Sans and Paps; without them, I would have been taken by those dreadful, vicious Drake demons.

Papyrus came to me like a bloody Road Runner and gave me a wedgie. “NYEH!”

“Ouch!” I cried. “Be careful, Paps!”

Papyrus let go of his grip. “For the first time,” Papyrus uttered with pride, “the Great Papyrus is glad to have saved the life of a Human. It is an honor to be of service to you, Human.”

I shook my head. “Yeah…I guess I couldn’t have done it without you. I mean, you saved me!”

“Sans and I both helped you out of your misery, human!” Papyrus gave out a long grin. “Oh, before I forget, I need to prepare a meal…”

Papyrus left me to watch some dancing robot on the TV, while he looked eager to cook something that smelled pretty odd.

The TV show was not really my thing; the robot was able to do the moonwalk, spin and even occasionally breakdance, but it just did not catch my impression. To me, it was a cheap publicity stunt, just like what they were starting to do up in the real world.

“That’s Mettaton.”

Like a sneaky little devil, Sans appeared beside me on the sofa.

“Who?” I enquired.

“That metal head, that’s Mettaton.”

I understood. “Well, I’ve seen him, and I have to say, I’ve met a ton of people who could do what he did.”

Sans chuckled. He burst into a louder laugh. “Good one, kid. Say, you learned a thing or two from me. I guess that is a good thing?”

It made me realize I made a joke by accident.

“Met a ton…? Pfffttt!” I rubbed it off. “Well, I am known for being fun to be around with…”

“That makes the two of us,” Sans replied. “Hey, kiddo, you not gonna change the channel?”

“Nah, Papyrus wanted to see this show.”

“C’mon, he ain’t around.”

I surrendered, for it was a small issue that needed no fussing about. “Suit yourself, Sans.”

Sans changed to Underground Music TV show, which often showed the top music hits in the Underground every day. The song playing was ‘Megalovania’ by the Water Fall Orchestra.

They were pretty impressive. For an orchestra to be featured in the music charts, that does not happen every day. Sans looked like he enjoyed it, too. His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, but soon reverted to its original form.

The aroma from the kitchen was becoming a stronger. Papyrus came out holding a large plate of spaghetti.

“Dinner is served, kids!” Papyrus joked and put the plate on the table.

The aroma wonderful; the aesthetics not so much. Still, I took a bite and overall, it was as good as it got. It was usual dinner food, not something out of Jamie Oliver’s cookbook. That would be strange, coming from the Underground, though I do not know what is considered strange anymore.

The three of us, Sans included, ate as much as our tummies could make room for. Paps could cook, but he cooked so much, there was still a lot of spaghetti left after we were done.

I failed to cover up a burp, but they did not mind.

“Guys,” I said, “thanks for the great sleepover. But I don’t know why you guys don’t stop me when you had the chance.”

Papyrus was puzzled. “What do you mean?”

Sans turned to me but his facial expression was limited.

I sighed. “What I meant was, you two were supposed to capture and send me to your leader. Like what you said to me earlier.”

Papyrus put his hand in front of my face. “Human, while it may appear that I want to capture you, I was wrong. I actually wanted to capture you, to prove that I deserve to enter the Royal Guard, to show that I am a good soldier!”

I chuckled. “And do you think you have proved it?”

Papyrus had his head bowed down. “It is always my dream to become a Royal Guardian of the Underground, and hang out with one of the strongest individuals in the Underground! However, after all that we’ve been through…I realized, my goals were a selfish one.”  He lifted his head back up. “You are a human, but you are just a human. You are not exactly the enemy that we seek to defeat.” Papyrus grinned. “Hey, you did not attack any of us in the first place!”

I nodded. “Hey, I am a peace lover, not a war monger.”

“And you are very good in poetry!”

“Well,” I tried to hide my blushing, “I tried a few times…”

Sans chuckled. “But can he do puns?”

“I am pretty sure he can,” Papyrus replied. “What do you say, human?”

“I will pass.”

We all laughed our socks off.

While it was fun hanging around Snowdin, it was time to get going. Sans understood my cause, but for his brother, it seemed hard. He seemed reluctant to say goodbye.

Eventually, Papyrus volunteered to accompany me to leave Snowdin. Sans watched us from afar, just in case some idiots popped up and tried to stop us. To stop me.

On and on we walked, till we reached the end of Snowdin. There was a guard post, and a flower that talked. Not the dastardly evil flower that almost killed me, but…

The Monsters called them the Echo Flower.

They were turquoise and taller than me, but not too tall. I was unable to engage in much conversation with it, probably because I was not too interested. My biggest hope was that they do not bite, let alone throw nerve-tingling insults.

I saw Sans standing on the post.

“I did not know Sans takes care of many posts,” I told Papyrus.

“He does!” Papyrus exclaimed. “He loves to multitask. Oh, how I wonder how he does it so well.”

I pat the skeleton on his shoulder. “Chill, brother! I am sure you will get to your goals, whatever it is. You just have to keep working at it!”

Papyrus blushed. “Did you just call me…brother?”

I scratched my hair, “Yeah…I did,” weirded out by the sudden blushing.

Papyrus proceeded by hugging me. “Yes, you are right. We might not be brothers in blood, but we are brothers nonetheless!”

I did not understand what he meant, but I breathed a sigh of relief when he let go of me.

Then, as I turned my head back to the post, I noticed Sans was gone.

With no time to lose, Papyrus and I carried on out of Snowdin, past a beautiful long waterfall.






















Malaysian male. 20+ years old (almost). Libra. 

Speaks both Malay and English. Adjust based on circumstances😉

Proud Malaysian. proud of the country’s heritage😄

shame it’s being dragged down the drain😖but it will get better soon🙏

Nasran Salleh
Nasran Salleh
Malaysian male. 20+ years old (almost). Libra.  Speaks both Malay and English. Adjust based on circumstances😉 Proud Malaysian. proud of the country's heritage😄 shame it's being dragged down the drain😖but it will get better soon🙏


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