BironTale Chapter 11: Sans-ational
June 22, 2018
Alonso: The Reign from Spain – Bab 1: ‘Kaiser’ Michael
July 4, 2018

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In hot water, she thought; for the Royal Guard acted on their own, without their leader to accompany them through the recent battle with the dastardly Drakes which nearly claimed the lives of the members, including one ‘Marco the Plumber’. As it turned out, one got stabbed, one marginally injured and a few others went missing in action.

The plumber was absent when the finned, blue-skinned de facto leader came to visit the hospital.

Undyne could not comprehend the issue. He stared from outside the quarantine room where her friends were holed up. A doctor, dressed in a thick white coat that covered his large body – making him look even larger – approached the soldier while sticking his notebook out.

“Doctor,” she sighed. “I understand you are only doing your job, but the Royal Guard…they have never been so devastated. Never did I see this coming.”

“No one does,” the doctor replied while fixing his spectacles. “The scratch marks are received from contact with a sharp object, in your friend’s case, an attack, and this was a physical assault on several degrees…”

“Obviously,” Undyne nodded, but she bowed down with a face that signified guilt. “God, I should have been there. Had it not been for me…”

Undyne smacked the glass mirror with rage. “Now they are here, because of me!”

The doctor, whose name tag read ‘Alz Heimer’, comforted the fish lady. “There, there. Nothing much you could do. No one could have reacted to the savages. But, at least your friends are all fine.”

“Are they really all right?” she refocused on her brothers in arms.

“They are in stable condition.”

Undyne took a deep breath. “Good, doctor. Thank you.”

Doctor Alz smiled. “We here at Underground General Hospital are always dedicated to helping our patients return to their original, healthy self. As in the case of your friends,” he said while fixing his spectacles again. “They will be well taken care of till it’s the right time to send them home.”

“Is that all, doctor?” Undyne said. “If you are done, may I enter the room?”

“That is all, and yes, you may proceed.”

The Royal Guardians were not behaving in sync, nor did they look fit for duty. Dogamy grimaced in pain. His pain so severe, he would not eat or drink for a while. His wife Dogaressa suffered minor injuries but that, too, had to be handled with care. Any more encounters with the enemy camp could result in disastrous consequences, with death being one of them.

Undyne took the time to talk to Dogaressa, who mentioned stories of a visit from an angel. The Greatest Dog was all smiles. Meanwhile, Doggo sat on the couch, with a certain armless child monster beside him. The boy’s face signaled curiosity, but Doggo looked tense. Even in his blindness, he could sense danger.


The dog could recognize the cracked voice. “Undyne, you’re here! Am I glad to see you!”

“What? Why? How did this happen to you guys?”

Doggo shook his head. “I did not see everything, but I did remember…”

Doggo was taking too long to respond. That drove Undyne mad.

“Remember what, exactly?” she was growing impatient. Arms folded, she did not look the waiting type. “Doggo, can you remember?”

“It was Marco!” Doggo exclaimed, lifting his right index finger. “He told me to run away. Then, he…man, I cannot remember! Sorry, Undyne.” The blind Royal Guardian let out a pitiful moan.

“Where is he?”

“Errr…” Doggo’s head jinked left and right. Sweat poured like rain water from his furred forehead. “I don’t…know…”

The increasingly irritated leading Royal Guardian wasted no time to grab his associate by the neck. Doggo gulped; shocked, as one would be.

“You listen to me, kid!” Undyne screamed. “I asked you a question, plain and simple, but you don’t wanna give me a complete answer? GAAAHHHHH! Wasting my time, and your own life! You are only making it easy for me to kill you, you blind fool!”

Doggo felt very afraid; he was gulping and crying. “Please…please do not hurt…” He was overcome by helplessness.

Undyne’s mind not in control; her emotions certainly got the better of her. She was not always like this.

That the Royal Guard was left almost severely paralyzed was not easy to take. Either she was not doing her job, or the Guardians were not as strong. She was convinced the latter would be a more credible excuse, for she had always believed in her abilities from day one. The patients in neighboring wards gasped in terror by the wicked confrontation nearby.

“Oh, God,” Monster Kid said. “Undyne! Please put him down! Isn’t he your friend?”

“No time to talk, kid,” she replied. “What are you doing here anyway?”

The mere words spoken by the head of the Royal Guard sent shockwaves to the mind of that poor, disabled child.

“Grrr…!” Dogamy tried hard to speak. “Stop, you two…gaahhh!” His vocal cords were slightly bruised from the pain he was in.

Dogaressa cried out, “Please, Undyne, you do not have to do this!”

Sans came over, sporting his usual street clothes, his appearance completed by a blue jacket he grew fond of wearing – ever since he ditched his job at Dr. Alphys’s laboratory.

“Whoa, there,” Sans voiced out his concern. “Let us not spill ketchup on the floor…if you know what I mean.”

He winked at Undyne; the leader bit her sharp teeth.

“Heh,” Sans said, “let Doggo go-go already. No need to get so uptight that our pups did not get the job done.”

It took a while, but she eventually put Doggo down. “Fine, Sans. You win this time.”

Undyne bowed her head to the floor, casting a dejected figure.

“It looks like we are losing,” Undyne said. “Maybe, we have already lost.”

Sans smirked. “Cut the crap, fish girl! Heck, look who I brought here…”

Sans moved away from the door to reveal a very much alive and present Marco, the well-known Italian plumber. He was dressed in nothing but his plain white pajamas.

“It’s a-me, fellows!” Marco exclaimed in an unbroken native accent. “I hope you all doing a-great, but you all don’t look a-good, if you know what I mean.”

After years of living in foreign land, Marco still found it difficult to shake off his local dialect. Still, Undyne was having none of it. The Royal Guardians gently followed the drama in front of their eyes.

Dogamy groaned. “Hurt…still…”

“Oh, my,” Dogaressa replied. “Hold on still, dear. You will be all right. Your blood is stable.”

“Are you…sure…darling?”

“Of course!” Dogaressa responded with a smile. “The doctor said so, my dear. Now, you lay back and rest. It will be all right, love.”

“We believe you can go through this!” Greatest Dog motivated his colleague. “Dear Undyne, we are all right. You do not need to blame Doggo. He is innocent!” The dog ended with a smile.

Undyne glanced at his team-mates. For a while, she was held aback. She turned away and her head kept down.

“My bad,” she said softly.

“See?” Sans said. “Toldja it is all cool as ice.”

Undyne turned to Sans. “I need to talk to you, in private. Now.”

Sans was thinking of retorting, but instead approved of Undyne’s request. So, he quietly left the room and headed to a more secluded area with his superior officer.

“What up, ‘Dyne?” he asked candidly.

“You do know that I ordered you to look after the posts in Snowdin, don’t you?”


“And you do know, because of your gifted abilities, you are trusted by the King to look after the Royal Guard. Am I right?”

Sans nodded like a hyperactive kid. “Yep-yep.”

“Now, tell me…”


“Did you see a human?”

Sans’ eye socket showed nothing. “What…?”

“Did you see a human?!”

Sans tried to make a cover. “Oh…a human. I thought you meant women.”

Undyne pushed Sans to the wall. “Don’t play dumb with me, Sans! I know you, more than you think I do.”

Sans was getting unsettled. “Whoa! Easy on my threads, girl!”

“You pathetic little devil,” Undyne grinned. “You think I don’t know? You think I’m stupid?!”

“Right now, you’re stupid enough for both of us.”

Undyne delivered her hard fists to the skeleton’s stomach – or what was left of it. The Royal Guard gasped, so did Monster Kid and a confused Marco.

“Disrespect me again, and I will break your skull!”


“You stole Marco’s clothes, and then you put it on some human. For a while, I was made a fool, believing that Marco came back to settle the job. Settle his job, of fixing the pipes in the shrine we always looked after. But instead, I heard stories. Stories from my own people, that an angel descended and saved them. They believe that? Am I supposed to believe that?!”

Sans regained his stamina. “Up to you, actually. I have my own body.”

“We are good pals, you and I,” Undyne said. “But your behavior has been unacceptable. If word goes to the King, he will be very upset. After all, it is our duty to never let any human get through here. They all should suffer the same fate our martyrs did long ago.”

“So you expect me to become an idiot?” Sans questioned. “To believe a rotten apple spoils the whole basket? I don’t know what the King feeds you, but hey, who am I to judge?”

Undyne resembled a sour grape. “It is what it is. No question about it…”

Sans sounded angry, his eyes lit. “Dang it, Undyne! You are nothing more than a puppet. You and your racist ideology! You believe your sole purpose is to kill and conquer. You think that all humans are the same? What’s the matter, can’t even cut a little boy some slack? Can’t spare them like you spare me?”

Undyne was unmoved. “You know how it goes. If you see them, find them and kill them. If they fight back, DESTROY them! That isn’t too difficult, not for me, anyway. The same goes to you. I’ve seen some get killed or destroyed. Then, their souls are ripped from their stinking corpses, and delivered to the King.”

Sans looked at Undyne with a terrified look, but the look later turned into a grin.

The short skeleton laughed. “What a jerk.”

He disappeared from Undyne’s grip, using his teleportation ability. He found himself a few yards away, and near the hospital entrance. The hood was put on, and he walked with the crowd like anybody else did, his permanent grin showing no signs of change.

Nap time, he thought.

“SAAAANNNNSSSS!” An infuriated Undyne let his frustrations show.

Marco tried to comfort the Guardian, but she grabbed his large nose and tossed him across the hallway.

Doctor Alz stormed to face Undyne, uncomfortable with the ruckus. “Do you mind?! We have patients to attend to—“

“I will finish the job myself,” Undyne muttered and then left.

Marco recovered to the sofa, the doctor giving him a hand. “Mamma-mia! After losing my outfit, now we have this? What is a-happening to this a-world?”


I love this place.

I loved it that the waters flowed at a gentle speed, and the sound of waves glued to my ears like music that was too good to refuse. The air danced and jiggled gracefully, pushing the leaves gently as it completed its cycle. They all fitted my imagination of heaven.

A duck, made with beautiful skin of yellow, and cheeks that sparked of adorability, approached me.

“Sir,” they said with a squeaky but beautiful voice. “Do you need a lift to the other side?”

“Sure,” I replied with a warm smile, “but I do not think you can do it.”

“Watch me.”

The duck jumped above my head, then gripped it. Soon, I moved further from the ground, but it did not hurt at all. On the contrary, I felt very alive. Very vibrant.

It was a lot more fun than flying on planes, even though – at a young age – I never got to set foot on an airplane. Being flown by a cute duck was something special; technically my first time flying.

The landing was inch-perfect; I did not fall or tremble awkwardly to the partly lit ground.

“Thanks, little one,” I said.

I was eager to carry on with my journey, but the same duck stopped me.

“Sir,” he remarked, “you forgot to pay cash.”

I turned back. “How much?”

“One dollar,” the duck replied with a smiled.

I took out a dollar note and handed it to the duck. After keeping the money in its fanny pack, the duck flew with joy.

“Thank youuuuu!” he said. “May force be with yoouuuuu….” The voice faded out as the duck made his way out.

I lost a dollar, but I need not complain. It was worth the trouble for the duck, I presumed. What a cute little fella.

I was overcome by the feeling of happiness; content; satisfaction that I almost forgot about everything around me.

The turquoise-colored flowers near me would sing a wonderful phrase.

The chorus delivered in perfect tone and harmony, like those choirboys from school. “Thank youuuuu!” My body hair lifted momentarily.

Little did I know that a lone, unknown individual lurked from the shadows, not far from where I stood.

“Human flesh,” the figure whispered. “You are soon mine.”













Malaysian male. 20+ years old (almost). Libra. 

Speaks both Malay and English. Adjust based on circumstances😉

Proud Malaysian. proud of the country’s heritage😄

shame it’s being dragged down the drain😖but it will get better soon🙏

Nasran Salleh
Nasran Salleh
Malaysian male. 20+ years old (almost). Libra.  Speaks both Malay and English. Adjust based on circumstances😉 Proud Malaysian. proud of the country's heritage😄 shame it's being dragged down the drain😖but it will get better soon🙏

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