BironTale Chapter 16: Revelations
March 26, 2019

BironTale Chapter 17: Reunions

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Fatigue, after tirelessly wandering in foreign territory for as long as I could remember. A bunch of tree trunks stood near the sidewalk. Since they belonged to no one in particular, I leaned against one of them and shut down.


For awhile, I could see the stars aligning. I also witnessed their tiny battles inside the beautiful galaxy. My wish was to learn more about them, but I was rudely interrupted by a phone call.


“Hey, ya kiddo!”


“Sans?” I surprised myself. “What’s up?”


“Something,” he replied. “You free now? If you are, come on down here.” I heard crackles from the speaker. “There’s something I need you to see.”


I gulped, uncertain about what this meeting would mean. What could be so important?




I made my way to the location Sans referred to. That was when I saw Sans. Again.

Sans studied the rummage; remnants of a wonderful convenience store owned by Little Louie. The weight of fallen ceiling floors were of no help, but Sans spotted dusts on the floor. Blood, too.

“Bingo,” he said. “Come to daddy.”

His glove equipped, he picked up a portion of that blood and then slid the glove inside a miniature test tube.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Sans turned. “Playing a game.” He chuckled. “Some witnesses said they saw a talking flower thingy.”


I shrugged, letting out a sigh. My fists I gripped. “I mean, attack of the vines? Seems obvious to me who that is. But why? I don’t know. Do you?”

“Nope,” Sans replied. “Not one that I can think of.”

“It has to be Flowey.”

“Try a human flower,” Sans remarked. I could feel his approach to me carried some weight.

“H-h-human flower?” I asked. “But this is not a kid’s show, you know!” I took a deep breath. “Humans can’t possibly be flowers at the same time. It’s impossible!”

“I’m not pointing my finger to you. Although, if I find that it is you, and it really is you,” Sans breathed in. His right eye glowed. “You’re gonna have a bad time.”

I was surprised Sans still had those intentions towards me. “I assure you, Sans, that I did not know a thing about-“

“HUMAN!” The voice of Papyrus emanated from a tree bark.

“I can see you,” I said. “Come on out.”

Papyrus sighed in defeat and joined. He proceeded to hug me.

“It’s good to see you again!” he claimed. “Oh, I always long for the day when we walk down the aisle…”


The suffocation subsided when he let go of me. I caught by breath. “What aisle?” I enquired.


“It’s what best friends do!”


I giggled. “Actually, it’s not_”


“It’s marriage, Paps,” Sans answered.


Papyrus gasped. “Oh, I see. Never knew that!”


Sans’s hands held on to Paps’s boney shoulders. “Now you do.”


“So,” Papyrus’s eyes jinked left and right. “What do we do now?”


The three of us were surrounded by silence.




The undying spirit and determination, Undyne shared with Asgore – the King – to rid the Underground of the violent epidemic known as humans. They stood to the principle that every human who fell from above shalt die.


It appeared to me that Undyne’s disdain only grew by the days. A recollection of memories and profiles from Sans and Papyrus told me that as a child, she made it her goal to be a Royal Guardian. He would not want to make do with anything else. From the beginning, she caught the eye of Asgore. The posting came next, and she duly impressed. Promotion came naturally. On the other hand, Undyne could be all right. Only her aggression was difficult to treat. Papyrus was a reluctant casualty, for he did not care how many times his head bounced off the windows of Undyne’s home, courtesy of her training regime.


“She is a strong woman,” Papyrus. “I couldn’t think of any woman, or anyone, strong as she.”


Sans snickered. “Gotta say, she is kind of pec-uliar.”


“Oh, Sans, give it a rest!”


“C’mon, that was a good one, bro.”


Papyrus scowled. “Fine!” He turned to me. “What about you, human? Where do you wish to go?”


“I…” My stammering betrayed me. “I don’t know.”


“But you did say that you want to go home, don’t you?”


Home. The word reminded me of a fragment in my memory, that housed other little fragments. They resembled the appearances of those who matter to me. My eyes were wet with tears. I broke down. I punished myself for being forgetful.


My emotions I let out. “Mom…Dad…” I closed my eyes. “I’m sorry. I really wanna go…”


The lanky Papyrus comforted me with his warm hug, while Sans looked on. He was speechless.


I recovered. “Sorry, guys, but I’ve been away from home. Though I still work to go back…”


“Kiddo.” Sans interrupted. He stared down my soul. “It’s okay. We feel that way…sometimes.” He sighed. “Look, let’s chill while we get you to someplace safe…”


I took comfort in Sans’s advice, although his change in behavior was compelling to say the least.


Papyrus raised his shoulders. “We would love to help,” he remarked. “But then, if you do want to leave, you will have to face Asgore…”


I gulped. “Who is Asgore?”


“He is the King!”




“He may be a little…unpredictable…” He sighed. “But…but!”


Sans scratched his skull. “What are you saying, Paps?”


“He is a fluffy pushover!” Paps exclaimed, smiling. “I’m sure, with your pure heart, he will let you through the barrier without having to fight.”


Sans nodded. “But I gotta warn ya, kid. If you ever cross that line…”


“I know, I know!” I remarked. “I’m gonna have a bad time!” I walked a lot further and faster. “But I am no coward. I move ahead, and most importantly, I stay positive!”


Papyrus clapped his hands thoroughly. “Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!” he exclaimed. “That’s the spirit, human! Now, let’s walk along this road and_”


“Nobody move!”


A voice emerged from the dark of the towering rocky hills. “Look what the skeletons dragged in.”


“Eh?” Papyrus enquired. “What may you be?”


“Seven.” The voice echoed.


“Your name is Seven?” Papyrus asked. “Oh, I didn’t know-”


Sans stretched his hand. “Paps. Stop.” Papyrus’s obedience was a relief to Sans, but it was not an uncommon sight to see.


The figure, clad in helmet and body armor, rose above the tip of the hill. “Seven human souls. That’s what we need, to free us all from the darkness that is this world we live in. The Underground.”


“Oh, really?” I asked. “Tell me more.”


“We currently have six. The only thing standing between me and you, is my determination to end you. Make no mistake…” The figure unlocked the helmet to reveal a familiar amphibian named Undyne. “I will do whatever it takes to salvage my dignity, and the dignity of the Monsters in the Underground!”


I stared her down. “Oh, it’s you.” I gave the look that suggested I was unafraid, although I was actually trembling on the inside. “Care to allow us through? We…or I should say, I am in a hurry.”


Undyne made her descent. The ground ahead of me cracked. “You’re not going anywhere! Face me, head on!”


Papyrus gasped, while Sans looked unbothered. “Welp,” Sans say, “time to go. My shift is up. Good luck, kiddo.” Sans was gone before I turned around.


Undyne smirked. “This makes things easier.” She blazed to my path and chanted, “NNGGAAHHH!”


The amphibian struck with her colored arrows, breaking rocks and other obstacles that went in her way. I was without an offensive tactic, thus I climbed up the rocks.


I glanced and pointed my tongue at the fish lady; it only infuriated her more. A rock I pushed with my foot to block her path. She showed no mercy by suplexing it to mere pieces. “You don’t get it, do you? There’s a reason I’m head of the Royal Guard!”


She clawed her way up to join me. I got myself up the hill, but was late to attend to the approaching Royal Guardians; the same pack of dogs who I helped save.


Dogamy swung his axe, while I made do with a toy knife. Regardless, Dogamy’s injuries were visually obvious. The swinging of the axe was ragged, and he looked out of sorts; his wife Dogaressa likewise. The axes made contact with each other once, causing them to vibrate awhile. I used this to take advantage, kicking Dogamy in his private parts. This was enough to put him down.


Dogaressa was next. Upset that her husband lost the fight, she scowled and threatened to rip my head off. Her misfiring attacks made things easier for me. It was surreal to be chased by dogs on two feet, but mind-blowing to be chased by axe-wielding dogs.


My heart beat proportionate to the speed of light, but I had to act fast. I dared to leap towards her, and then slashed her face with my toy knife. She bled but breathed easy; in fact, howling in defeat.


I landed on my two feet, obviously upset.A part of me wanted to end this. “I thought I saved your butts last time!” The knife was firmly gripped between my right fists..


“No…please…” a bruised Dogamy begged.


Dogaressa echoed Dogamy’s insistence. “I-It was not our intention…”


My toy knife I hung on to. I had it flung upwards, ready to pounce on their helplessness, but I was pulled by my own consciousness.


The knife stabbed the ground. I bowed. What was I thinking? I thought.


The two dogs sat still, petrified. Then, I felt my lungs getting crushed. “Ack!!”


“Miss me?” Undyne spilled out. “Did you forget about me?!”




She grinned with intent. “Of course not. You are truly dead! My spears shall end you!”


The skies opened up and the glowing spears descended upon me. Undyne was having the time of her life.


Out of nowhere came the flying axe of Dogamy, which landed on Undyne’s feet.


“NNNNYAAAHHH!” she screamed in agony. “Dogamy!!!”


I was out of there. The path to a cave, an uncharted territory, loomed ahead. Undyne pushed the couples aside. “I will deal with you two later,” she hissed before going after me again.


She screeched. “Come back here, human! We have a score to settle!”


“No can do!” I uttered, my voice echoing through the walls . “I don’t make scores with creepers like you.”


The cave was an entry point to a certain place. The humidity was unbelievable; a huge contrast to Snowdin and the areas surrounding the Waterfall. Sweat rained down my back and forehead, and then I approached a guard post.


Sans stood there, eyes closed, probably grounded in his own dreams. I decided to not disturb, while Undyne’s fury escalated upon seeing the ‘help’ Sans provided.


I saw a laboratory in front. To my right was the river, and a dog-shaped boat parked on a little jetty. I turned around. The silence surprised me.


The spears were absent, but moments later, Undyne showed up, her skin as pale as an albino buffalo. On her feet, but soon, down on her knees. “Need…water…” she muttered. “So…hot…” She collapsed.


The vicious warrior, relentless in her pursuit for glory, collapsed at my feet. I could have went on and leave, then come home to brag about victory, but that would not do me justice. I never intended to kill, nor leave one to die.


A water dispenser stood at the foreground of the larvae. A sign beside it mentioned ‘Hotland’. I took a few sips to get my energy back. The nearly inanimate fish was getting worse by the minute, so I splashed the remainder to her face.


Undyne came back to motion. Heavy panting and breathing, but she was alive and well. I stood magnificently, for a short time, for I refused to hang around for long.


Malaysian male. 20+ years old (almost). Libra. 

Speaks both Malay and English. Adjust based on circumstances😉

Proud Malaysian. proud of the country’s heritage😄

shame it’s being dragged down the drain😖but it will get better soon🙏

Nasran Salleh
Nasran Salleh
Malaysian male. 20+ years old (almost). Libra.  Speaks both Malay and English. Adjust based on circumstances😉 Proud Malaysian. proud of the country's heritage😄 shame it's being dragged down the drain😖but it will get better soon🙏

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