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April 17, 2018
April 17, 2018

Funnies Part 1 – Funny Kid Test Answers

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It’s been a long day at work; boring as hell, with nothing much to excite me (except for the presence of a pretty lady in the office, but that’s a story for another time).

N0netheless, there came a time when the Internet – the world wide web of information – was fully at my disposal. It was mostly during the few minutes before lunch break, which I put to full use by Googling for ‘fun’ stuff.

My definition of ‘fun’ may not be the same as my peers, but I digress. Anyway, you are going to witness a row (or column, or whatever order) of interesting answers that children wrote on their school test papers. Some are downright silly, some are plain dumb, while some are just things words can’t fully describe.

Buckle up. Brace yourselves. Get your popcorns ready. It is time for…


——————– FUNNY KID TEST ANSWERS ——————–



While the top part is true, the last sentence is plain wrong. I wonder how the kid misspelled A with E. It may be just me, or accidents happen.

I guess it’s safe to say the kid made an innocent little mistake.

If you ask, me 2 + 2 = 4. Then, I will minus 4 with 1, and I get 3. So there you go. Quick maths!



Ouch! The reality of the situation…

Then again, T.C. Hale (probably the name of the kid who answered) is NOT TOTALLY WRONG.

Bob will get – or risk getting – diabetes if he eats more than half of his 36 candy bar collection, regardless whether the flavour is orange, strawberry or something else.



Straight to the point. You little brat.

I couldn’t think of such answer back in Fourth Grade (this may or may not be a Fourth Grade paper. I am just giving an example :P)



How dare you???

This is savage. There is nothing else to say, other than you are absolutely not correct with that kind of gender-biased answer.



Honestly, I almost lost my voice because of this. But then again, I myself wonder, what is a hue?

Oh well, time to Google it!

An eternity later…

All right! Hue is referring to a color or shade.

P.S. If you’re familiar with Photoshop or any other photo editing tool, there’s an option to adjust the hue, saturation and other stuff in the picture properties panel.



An honest mistake, considering it is written by a mere child.

Correction: the Finnish flag is similar to the Danish and Swedish flags, but it has a white background and a blue-colored cross.

The kid drew (and colored) a checkered flag. This flag comes to mind when we witness the ending of a motor racing event, like F1, MotoGP and NASCAR.



Regardless of the question, I believe the kid is correct.

Love does make the world go round. Not just money.

Come to think of it, what if the kid wrote his answer as ‘Money’ ?


Mind blown.



When you don’t have a clue of what else to write for an answer, resort to the easiest solution possible!

This one is kind of funny because it’s like this gym teacher telling his student who just fell down, to get up and deal with it.

#getupanddealwithit … Will it trend?



Kid, I have an advice. Wouldn’t it be easier for you to just write ‘play piano better’ or ‘plays piano like a pro’ ?

Effect: he is a big nerd…? Oh, so piano players are nerds? What, guitar players are real rockstars and cool? Is that what you’re saying? So prejudice, man. That ain’t cool!



Indeed. Ricky, you are so young, yet you are a true expert in human marital relationships. Kudos to you!



I’m not sure if you can read it (I hope you can!), but this kid is really a creative genius.

Again, he’s not wrong when he says, the Declaration of Independence was signed on the bottom of the page. That is the case with most (if not all) formal letters. Am I right or am I right!?

P.S. Someone screamed at me, saying I am left. What a savage beast!


‘River Ravi, flows is which state’ ? Well, this question can be axed, because it’s not exactly a correct question to begin with. No wonder the kid wrote ‘liquid state’ !

Saying marriage is a reason for divorce is going a bit far (luckily, not too far) but he ain’t completely wrong, either!

Failure is the main reason for exams? Well…to be honest I am not a fan of exams, but it’s a necessity to test your ability in certain areas of life in general. Then again, failure is a way you can learn something. Trust me, it happened to me several times!

12.Oh, no! This kid mistaken the term, I assume. I believe the answer is anthropology, but the kid might have thought about classifying human beings only. Still, racism is a social injustice! It must never be tolerated wherever you live. To hell with racism! Say NO TO RACISM!


13.If I was this kid, I would give the same exact answer. I might be able to give a little explanation to the answer, but that’s about it. I’m no smart guy. Nor am I dumb.



Great. 2 questions in 1!

Yeah, the kid is not wrong when he wrote ‘1895’. If I was the teacher, I would give him marks. Unless, of course, this question is based on a passage, and that kid didn’t read the passage.

Still, I will give marks for effort.


The question clearly stated to write either ‘<‘ or ‘>‘.

How this kid got everything mixed up is a wonder. Come to think of it, can’t really blame him. We do make mistakes as human beings. It’s just unfortunate that tests highlight many faults.



So, there you have it; some kid’s test answers which appealed to me in a way that not many could. To be honest, I am impressed by the answers. It clearly showed that some kids have different abilities and skills. Parents should help their kids develop the abilities and skills to the right direction so that they become better people.

I saw potential for them to be medical doctors, public health specialists, human rights activist, comedians (yup!), coaches, relationship experts (Dr. Love), and even anthropologists. That’s a wide choice of fields. Wow!  #Mindblown

P.S. I am NOT telling you to do meth. It’s harmful and has weird side effects.   #NoMeth   #MathNotMeth

I have to admit that tests are something that causes unwanted stress, at my own expense. Probably because I am too lazy to prepare for them, or maybe I am just not very bothered. Either way, that’s all the time I have for now. I really wish to come up with entries like this again, and again, and again, and again…

The writer has left the building.





Malaysian male. 20+ years old (almost). Libra. 

Speaks both Malay and English. Adjust based on circumstances😉

Proud Malaysian. proud of the country’s heritage😄

shame it’s being dragged down the drain😖but it will get better soon🙏

Nasran Salleh
Nasran Salleh
Malaysian male. 20+ years old (almost). Libra.  Speaks both Malay and English. Adjust based on circumstances😉 Proud Malaysian. proud of the country's heritage😄 shame it's being dragged down the drain😖but it will get better soon🙏

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