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Two detectives were in the alley, going through detailed investigation as to what they might obtain and deduct from the events of the previous night. Calvin was searching near the mighty potholes, at the same time sweating like crazy from the intense evening heat.

At the same time, Junior, Calvin’s trusted detective partner, was surveying the pavements and the walls. However, he observed nothing special. The most he got was the smell coming out of the rubbish litter on a narrow edge of the alley. While investigating, he had to put an effort to save his lungs.

“Got anything so far?” Junior asked Calvin.

“Nothing,” Calvin replied in a disappointing tone.

However, as luck would have it, he found what looked like blood stains, while looking down on the grey pavements.

“My, my…” Calvin said as he picked up the stain using his gloves.

“Blood,” Junior observed, “but a small amount.”

“Blood cannot be counted,” Calvin insisted, “but this is the most interesting piece of evidence yet. However, this might belong to the victim herself.”

Junior sighed. “People already know that.”

“But I believe that she is not far away.”

“How can you tell?”

“I can sense danger…”

Suddenly, the two detectives saw a thug, who looked more like a punk rocker, appearing with a soda can which he later threw on the pavement. The thug was shocked to see the two, especially with one of them wearing a police outfit. Without wasting time, he proceeded by attempting to run away.

“Let us after him!” Junior exclaimed as he and Calvin pursued the thug.

The thug was only a few meters in front. Still, the two could not get past, for the thug knew his way around the alley. The thug scattered the rubbish litter on the pavement to create a distraction and delay the detectives. Delayed them it did, and the thug disappeared from sight after a tiring pursuit.

“Oh, man!” Calvin kicked the pavement. “We lost him.”

“Too bad,” Junior replied, “but it looks like we have all that we need. Let us return to the base…”

“Oh, you are not going anywhere.”

An unknown voice from nearby was heard. It got clearer as the source moved closer to the two. The duo could hear footsteps, too. The footsteps were rapid, and when they turned around, they saw three thugs, similarly dressed as the one they chased after. However, these thugs were different in build. One of them, presumably the strongest, had bulging muscles, while the second was chubby but fierce-looking. The third was just skinny but carried with him a baseball bat.

“Looks like you crossed the line, police chumps,” the muscular thug said.

“What did you call us?” Junior angrily replied.

“Junior, it is not time to fight with words,” Calvin whispered.

“Then, what…?”

Calvin put out his pistol from his pocket and aimed it at the three thugs.

“Nobody move!”

However, the thugs were having none of it. They were more interested in beating up the detectives, for they are their worst enemies. Junior gulped, while Calvin was indecisive in his attempt to shoot. It looked like the brief careers of the young detectives were coming to a miserable end at the hands of the punk thugs.

It seemed that way, at least, until a mysterious figure in a grey costume arrived out of nowhere.

“Hyaaah!” Kid screamed as he kicked the skinny thug.

That diversion was enough for Calvin to make up his mind. He shot the leg of the muscular thug, while Junior tried to fight with the chubby one.

Kid used his practice to perfection, by making sure he avoids the strikes being thrown by his opponents, in this case the skinny thug. He was skinny, but taller than Kid. He could use his height to his advantage, but Kid learned from his past experiences. He simply dodged strikes and then struck back when it mattered. His small hands were not that strong, but it did the job, so did his legs.

The detectives were having a good time. Calvin took care of the injured thug, handcuffing him. The thug could not use his muscles as his injury restricted his movement. Junior took several beatings, but then realized he brought a police baton along and decided to use it. A strike on the chubby stomach, followed by an elbow to the back of the thug, was all that he needed. The thug fell to the ground helplessly. All thanks to the beneficial police training sessions that they took part in before becoming full time detectives.

The thugs were all handcuffed.

“Way to go!” Kid exclaimed. “We did it!”

Calvin and Junior smiled, although Calvin was curious as to the motives of the costumed hero.

“Who are you supposed to be?” Calvin asked. “A superhero?”

“No, not a superhero,” Kid replied. “I am Wonderkid.”

Calvin had a strange look on his face. “Stil…you saved our lives.”

“He did,” Junior interfered. “Got to give him one for that.”

“Thanks a lot,” Calvin said to Kid. “But we will take care of things from here. You best be gone.”

“Why, I cannot do that,” Kid explained. “I am after some criminals who kidnapped people, and I do not know why they do that.”

Calvin was surprised. “You are after them, too?”

“Of course I am,” Kid replied. “If not, why am I here in the first place?”

“How did you know that we were in danger?” Junior asked.

“By chance,” Kid replied with a smile. “I decided to help, since I am aware that that you two might have been killed if I did not interfere. I do not want to let any innocent civilians get killed.”

Calvin and Junior nodded. Even though they still had unanswered questions, they felt he would make the white list, as long as he did not try anything silly.

“You are not part of any organization?” Calvin asked.

“Err…” Kid was not sure what to say, for he was not prepared to blurt out things regarding his true identity.

Fortunately, Melvin came to his aid. “Say no,” was his reply through the earphone. Kid obeyed and said that he did not belong to any organization, government or otherwise.

Kid then told the detectives all they needed to know, and he did his best not to give out confidential details about the location of Melvin’s cameras. He also said he found a way into the underground, even though he himself had not tested it.

“Where is it?” the two detectives asked regarding the passage.

Kid chuckled and showed a sign. “Follow me.”

He stopped at the biggest pothole in the alley, one that stretched through almost the whole space of the narrow pavement.

“A monster pothole,” he said.

“Indeed,” Calvin said. “I was investigating just now at this very place, but got only small evidence.”

“What was it?” Kid asked.

“Blood stains.”

“Probably belonging to the victim, yes?”

Calvin nodded.

The restless Junior moaned. “How long are we going to be here?”

“Be patient, Junior,” replied Calvin firmly. “We are detectives and we have to act like one, without much complaint.”

“Oh, all right,” Junior replied while folding his arms and looking upwards, due to boredom.

The little Kid explained that the pothole was not just a pothole, but one that could bring specific people down to the underground. The kidnappers have access to it, and it was believed they brought their victims to the underground through the pothole.

While it seemed ridiculous and illogical, the kidnappers seemed to be smarter than most of the others. Their kidnapping over the course of two weeks were simply professional, to say the least. They did not appear to use any known vehicles. If they did, they might have been using counterfeit plate numbers. Then, the victims they caught were sent down for reasons still unknown.

“We can get down here,” Kid said, “through the stairs.”

Calvin was getting confused. “What stairs? The only stairs here only bring us up and not down.”

“Are you playing with us?” Junior asked.
“I was not finished, sir,” Kid replied. “I was referring to the stairs in that building.”

Kid pointed his thumb to a rather secluded building. He proceeded by opening the back door which was not locked, surprisingly. The three of them entered and saw a pretty much damaged and dated room, with cracks on the walls and dirty furniture. Seemed like a room that has not been maintained for years. Then there was the stairs.

Before proceeding to go down, Kid told the two detectives to stop.

“Wait!” he exclaimed. “Why not you two wait here?”

“What?” Calvin asked. “But we are detectives!”

“Please show your badges,” Kid replied, “because I want proof.”

The two detectives reluctantly flashed their badges to Kid, to which the little boy smiled.

“Good to know, Calvin, Junior,” he said. “Still, I suggest you two wait here.”

“But…” Calvin was shocked to hear that.

“Brother, I suggest you call your friends to scan this place, when no one else is around. Who knows? Maybe we can catch the perpetrators that way.”

Calvin nodded, reasonably tired from arguing. Junior obeyed the boy’s orders and Kid descended down the stairs. As he went lower and lower from the surface, into the deeper reaches of the known earth, it got a lot darker, contrast to the sunny weather back on top. Whatever it was, Kid would encounter something beyond his wildest dreams.

Malaysian male. 20+ years old (almost). Libra. 

Speaks both Malay and English. Adjust based on circumstances😉

Proud Malaysian. proud of the country’s heritage😄

shame it’s being dragged down the drain😖but it will get better soon🙏

Nasran Salleh
Nasran Salleh
Malaysian male. 20+ years old (almost). Libra.  Speaks both Malay and English. Adjust based on circumstances😉 Proud Malaysian. proud of the country's heritage😄 shame it's being dragged down the drain😖but it will get better soon🙏

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