Hospital Lama
May 5, 2018
Berdua Itu Lebih Baik, Tapi Solo Itu Lebih Menarik. Berdua Lebih Jimat, Tapi Solo lebih Kuat.
May 15, 2018

The leaves on the trees in the neighborhood waved rapidly. Some of the fruits landed safely on the ground, waiting to be grabbed by the residents. Nearby, the ice cream truck grounded to a halt in the middle of the road. Children, accompanied by a parent or two, rushed to buy their favorite dessert from the friendly seller.

A large Modenas motorcycle popped up outside the house where Kid and his family reside.

“Thank you, Mr. Mizan,” said Kid while holding his slightly injured elbow.

“You are most welcome, Kid,” replied the  gentle chauffeur. “Now go and relax so that you feel a lot better in the morning.”

“I am really sorry,” Kid continued, his head pointed to the ground, “that I failed to save them in the sewers.”

“No worries,” Melvin replied, a smile forming on his face, visible from his expensive helmet. “That will be arranged. It is none of your concern anymore.”

Mizan rode off and disappeared. Kid, looking rather dejected, slowly walked into his house, where he would be greeted by his parents. His mother looked worried, while his father was pressing his hands against his waist.

“Oh, good thing you are back!” the mother said in a relieved tone.

“Indeed,” the father agreed. “That was a long free tuition session. What did you learn?”

Kid paused for a moment. He did not really have tuition. Instead, he was battling big street thugs and some interplanetary species and was lucky enough to be in one piece. However, he was not going to tell them about what really happened.

“Great,” Kid said. “Tuition is awesome. My teacher is awesome.”

His father paused. He had a grim look on his face, and his posture hardly changed. His mother was all smiles, just happy to see her beloved son back home.

The father broke his silence. “Good, Kid! Good to know. Now I hope you will improve.” A smile was etched on his face, too, something Kid has not seen for quite some time.

“Mom, dad, I am tired. I need to go take a shower and rest.”

Kid was permitted to refresh himself in his room. He did as he said; then came the occasional prayers and the obligatory nap. It has been a long day.

He did not get to save anyone, except for an android. As for the police force, he wondered what happened while they were fighting the vicious Sith, Darth Gray, and the sewer guards.

Are their armors strong enough, he thought for a moment while resting his head against the soft pillow.

He hoped they are fine. He also hoped that Melvin would not take his failure too seriously; for there was not much he could do in his position. Never did he anticipate that he would battle a Sith, let alone an apprentice. Still, he thanked Allah that he is in one piece.

Tomorrow is another day, he felt. Then, his eyes closed and he slept like a baby.


“Nooo! Stop it! Stooooop!”

The screams of tortured souls could be heard from deep below the surface of Earth. Their screams only pleasuring the torturers; they did nothing to ease the pain they were in. There were souls whose eyes were red, crying, for they suffered disastrously at the hands of heartless people.

Those heartless people took them away from their families, for reasons they did not know. Secretly, they carried out their operations, stealing souls one at a time. The souls were randomly picked; they did not care much about their choice, as long as they met the requirements set by their leader, an equally heartless, absolutely remorseless character.

The kidnapping victims were tied to a chair, their heads fitted with a circular hat, which had wires connected to a large computer. The victims’ hands were poked and had similar wires, but of different colors, connected to the computer as well. On the computer’s screen, which takes up a quarter of the large, all-in-one computer, a figure of a half-human, half-goblin creature was displayed. It was a disgusting combination, to say the least.

Buttons were pressed on the computer’s controls, by some people wearing white lab coats. As the buttons were pressed, the tortured victims screamed again. Agonizing pain they felt, only they knew.

Watching from the sidelines were the two men in black trench coat. Their reaction to the whole process was unclear, for their faces were hidden under their thick coats and hats. One of the men folded his arms while looking at their latest victim, Aisya, whose tears fell to her cheeks and continued falling. There was nothing she could do to escape.

A few others, mostly hired guards and gangsters, looked on as the people in lab coats did their work.

“Well done,” a voice was heard coming from behind them. “Looks like we have many, which will join us in this…experiment.”

“Correct,” replied one of the two men in dark coats, his folded arms softening before putting them down.

“Raul,” said an elderly man, with little hair on his head, “you and your brother are about to witness the birth of a new species.”

Raul’s brother, Rolf, interrupted. “I am not entirely sure it will work perfectly.”

The scientist known only as Don looked directly at Rolf, his sharp eyes focused like an eagle stalking its prey. “You never know. Boys, start the transformation process.”

Under orders by their leader, the people in lab coats resumed their work. They pressed buttons and adjusted knobs on the computer which. Suddenly, the tortured victims were not only screaming, but their voice started changing, appearing deeper. In fact, even deeper than those of rock singers.

That was not all. Their average-sized bodies would change in color, becoming greener; their arms and legs doubled in mass. They all started becoming muscular, but at the same time, their ears started resembling those of bats, while their eyes became smaller and fully black. Fangs formed where their teeth were, thus causing them to look violent and vicious.

Screaming voices were heard, but then, there was no one around to save them. No one active enough, at least, for the likes of Calvin and Junior retreated to the surface after the tense battle with the saber-wielding Sith. Junior was taken to the hospital for treatment; he was traumatized by the events that panned out. Some policemen did not survive, and only a few made it out alive.

The Sith Gray returned to where the violent, illegal experiment was being conducted. It appeared he had some scars to his arms from his altercation with the police. Other than that, he looked fine. He did not say a word when he joined the brothers in trench coat.

“It seems you have taken care of them all,” Raul said in his usual deep voice. “But we have to lock our old entrance from the old building, so that no one will find us again.”

“Brother,” Rolf said, “you are right. I shall inform the professor of this, and the rest is history.”

Soon, the old professor walked to their path with a smile.

“My boys,” he chattered, “you did a wonderful job. These creatures that are in front of you are all working for us now. With them, we can definitely rule this Earth.”

The brothers turned their attention briefly, towards the creatures, which looked like half-human, half-goblin.

“It seems that way,” Raul replied, “but we still do not know their combat abilities.”

“That can be arranged,” replied the professor. “In fact, I have uploaded something that will make sure they are…consistent…especially in the battlefield.”

“Good,” Raul said with a slight grin.

“But there is one more thing…”

“What is it?” Rolf asked.

“I need one more human. This time, a child.”

The brothers looked at each other, before turning back to the grinning professor.

“A child,” the professor continued, “for he could be nurtured and trained, till he becomes ours, permanently.”

The brothers nodded. Gray looked on, his stoned face focused on the professor. In his mind, he was evaluating them all, plus their activities. His master would be very proud if he knew.

A few meters away, in a more secluded part of the sewers, but not far from the experiment area. A small drone hung itself near a platform. At the same time, snapshots were taken, but the drone made little sound, no one could hear.

Not long afterwards, a voice broke out in the drone’s speaker, telling it to return to the base. The drone obeyed without question and ascended to the surface, and back to where it belonged.

Further away, the elderly Melvin observed his drone’s movements, and also the pictures it snapped. He reacted with a rather grim look on his face.

This is not good, he thought as his eyes focused on the pictures.

Joining him to look at the pictures were his chauffeur, and his daughter. Their eyes rolled and mouth left wide open.

Malaysian male. 20+ years old (almost). Libra. 

Speaks both Malay and English. Adjust based on circumstances😉

Proud Malaysian. proud of the country’s heritage😄

shame it’s being dragged down the drain😖but it will get better soon🙏

Nasran Salleh
Nasran Salleh
Malaysian male. 20+ years old (almost). Libra.  Speaks both Malay and English. Adjust based on circumstances😉 Proud Malaysian. proud of the country's heritage😄 shame it's being dragged down the drain😖but it will get better soon🙏

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